Postgame Intraview Interview

Me n? Him

AuntieGoldie: Which is more embarrassing, getting lost with a lovely lady in the car or getting into an accident with a lovely lady in the car? Oh wait, you did both. Any comments?

Cho: Yeah, I would say that they were both pretty embarrassing, but she was pretty forgiving, so that was OK.

AuntieGoldie: Were you ever bearded at any point in your past?

Cho: No, I was never bearded. I?ve had some day?s growth, but never a full beard.

AuntieGoldie: Were you ever into Dungeons and Dragons?

Cho: Actually, yes, as a kid I was into it.

AuntieGoldie: Would you ever consider playing it with Ms. McKenney?

Cho: Only if she would be my Dungeon Master.

AuntieGoldie: Which do you prefer, LIFO or FIFO?

Cho: I don?t know. What do most companies use these days?

AuntieGoldie: Never mind. This is getting too technical. Was there any opportunity for romance at the alley?

Cho: What do you mean?

AuntieGoldie: What I?m trying to ask you is did you mack at the alley?

Cho: Uh, we talked. Is that what you mean?

AuntieGoldie: Uh, no. Never mind.

Me ?n? Her

AuntieGoldie: So, did you purposely blow Teddy off in Spangler, or was he just unrecognizable from his classcard photo?

McKenney: Totally unrecognizable of course. OK, OK, I admit I did recognize him, but I didn?t want to ruin the drama of the whole initial meeting.

AuntieGoldie: My, my that?s a little extreme. So, last week, Miss Stefanie identified a market opportunity for GPS receivers at HBS. Do you think there is an additional opportunity for super-strong bumpers?

McKenney: There was a requirement on this date for both GPS receivers and bumpers. In terms of the bumper, I hope that that is not a regular occurrence for him. I hope that it was just the whole excitement of the evening that caused him to jam on the gas in reverse.

AuntieGoldie: So, does Teddy strike you as a LIFO man or FIFO man?

McKenney: He?s a LILO man.

AuntieGoldie: What?

McKenney: You know, he would open for the door for me and stuff. Last In, Last Out!

AuntieGoldie: OK, that?s very clever, but you really do need to study for your FRC exam. On a completely unrelated note, did you ever have a beard in your past? Did you ever play Dungeons and Dragons in your past?

McKenney: Yes.

AuntieGoldie: Yes to which question?

McKenney: Yes, I played Dungeons and Dragons. Beard? I hope the answer is never.

AuntieGoldie: So did the Sacco Bowl-Haven plus seven of Teddy?s friends offer any opportunities for some sly romance?

McKenney: All I?ll say is I kept my mind out of the gutter.

The Final Word

AuntieGoldie: Will there be another Intraview?

McKenney: As Chuck Woolery would say, it wasn?t a Love Connection, but I?d definitely team up with him for a rematch.

Cho: Who?s to say?