A&E Welcome

Welcome back to (THE) Harvard etc. etc. and (THE) Harbus Arts & Entertainment section: your guide to cultural milestones, minutia and loosely collected opinions on stuff to see and do. I look forward to another semester as A&E editor and the chance to cover the goings-on in music, film, art, books, dining and drinking in Boston and the world that just might orbit around it. At least while you’re at (THE) etc. etc.

The best A&E coverage has always come from students’ and other contributors’ ideas and words, so I’d like to invite the RCs and re-invite my fellow ECs to pitch some articles. While you’re here credential-ifying yourself beyond recognition you may as well get yourself some bylines to cite on that ninja resume. If that’s not enough, we (I) at the Harbus get more free passes to movies, concerts, plays, openings than we (I) could possibly attend. So ask for some tickets and they’re yours in exchange for a review. Just send me an e-mail if you’d like to contribute.

For the RCs in particular: we are looking for an associate A&E editor to come on staff this fall, and keep in mind that someone needs to take the job (and the free tickets, CDs, magazines and DVDs) full-time come January. It’s a great opportunity to get some hands-on media experience, too. Working with Dan Erck, our publisher, is almost like having a “real” professional boss again, which is cool. Again, drop me a note if you’d like to get involved.

As for what you can expect in the section, I’d like to continue covering leaders in media. Last spring in our “A Minute With” interviews we chatted with Steven Florio (CEO of Conde Nast), John Malkovich (actor/director), Ron Meyer (Hollywood big-wig), Russell Simmons (founder of Def Jam Records) and Gina Sanders (founding editor of Teen Vogue) among others. I’m excited to continue the series this fall.

I’ll also be looking for feature and opinion articles on current industry topics, from piracy litigation to grassroots funding approaches for independent productions. These are all things that some of you have done, know about or are maybe just interested in. If not, well, the Cambridge pub crawl review still needs to get written and I know some of you watch Zoolander every week and have yet to share its impact on your personal philosophy. So welcome back, and I look forward to the year in A&E.