Special K Keeps it Special

It looked like a tough game for Special K. Some of its best players were on reserve. Owen the forward was injured and Doren and Olya, the two goalkeepers were also unable to play. Adding to the thin lines, Travis, NK’s other forward, got injured in the first minutes.

NJ jumped onto the field with an ordered structure and the appetite of a wolf. Their South American stars seiged K. After a tough resistance, K’s persistency found its prize. In five minutes, NK’s wings, Santos and Bickenbach, stormed J with three wonderful goals.

But the J’s were brave and didn’t give up. They fought with tenacity and after finishing the first half, had diminished the advantage to one goal (2-3).

The second half was epic. NJ knew they were close but K wanted to finish the game tough. Santos scored in a brilliant play to table the final 2-4.