The Campus is Ours!!

No lines and plenty of open tables in the Spangler dining room. Empty tennis and racquetball courts at Shad. Free reign of the library. No crowds in Aldrich. The Januaries are all alone on campus (not counting the Exec Eds)!

And most of the Jans couldn’t be happier. “Just as I expected we rule the school,” said Jessica Gelman, NK. And that’s no surprise. While the bizarre Boston weather has made it feel like March, the summer term is now underway, and long afternoons sitting in the sun and pretending to read cases lie ahead.

Who needs 12-week summer internships-we’ll spend one or two weeks and (hopefully) still get full-time offers, or better yet, spend the full three weeks on the beach somewhere.
In the meantime, we have a lot to do-TGIF outside, the Newport Ball in June, Independence Day (on a Wednesday), and a few more long weekends are on tap.

Thus far, opinions about the new campus environment are all positive:

“I know everyone I see,” said Thomas Burke, NH. “I haven’t got these random 14-year old Septembres wandering around thinking they are of some importance.”

But Tiberius Vadan, NI actually misses his former campus colleagues: “It’s actually kinda sad…it was fun schooling the Seps on how to be friendly and throw cool parties. On the other hand, we can rev it up a notch or two.”

The Jans certainly have the chance to enjoy the HBS campus. We are taking advantage of the sunny patio at the back of Spangler for lunch-on several days, there’s almost no one inside. The lawn between Aldrich and Spangler is fast replacing Baker Beach as the prime lounging spot.

Finally, the summer provides different benefits for different people. For Andrew Kelley, NH, who called HBS his “safety school”, “Now that there are only 340 students around it feels a lot more like Stanford.”