Cam-pain Time for the Incoming SA President(s)

On pins and needles, we have waited. We have seen teasers, heard the buzz, and waited in breathless anticipation. And finally, the time is upon us.

No, I am not talking about the release of Spy Kids 2 on DVD. Nor the negotiation.

Rather, this week will bring us SA elections. Among the positions up for grabs (besides VP for appointments of VP’s, and Secretary of Love), are the two co-president positions. These individuals will have the honor of setting the agenda for the student Senate, as well as shepherding us through the various crises that may arise (for example, the board washers go on strike, the “tax guy” gets audited, MIT uses its strategic position nearer the mouth of the Charles and blockades all shipping into and out of HBS, etc.).

Not to lampoon the SA, or its presidents. Indeed, Sal and Annemarie, with their team, have done a great job this year. But many of us may not be sure of what they are working on. Thus, to remedy this issue for next year, I have begun “informally polling” the RC (read: “brainstorming alone”) to find out what issues they would like their next co-presidents to work on. The following is a compilation of the most “useful” (read: “asinine”) suggestions. Future presidents, take note.

Top ten suggestions from the RC for the SA agenda

10 Full employment. [Sadly, this suggestion offers no ideas for execution, but past presidents have whipped unemployment by going to war. MIT beware.]

9 Breakfast Taco’s.

8 Better toilet paper. This one chaffs a lot of people.
[pun absolutely intended.]

7 HBS petting zoo. [the suggestion includes pens for MBA’s from other schools, but perhaps that is out of taste.]

6 More mixers with the Ed School. [Mmmm……Ed school]

5 Classes out doors. In Bermuda.

4 Two words: sponge baths

3 Barka loungers in Aldridch classrooms.

2 Zodiac sign on the class cards.

1 Terry Tate, Spangler Linebacker.

I know that I am personally going to integrate several of these into my campaign. But for now, I think I am going to go buy the Spy Kids 2 DVD. I’ve been waiting for that one for hours!