Advice for the RC's

We found many ECs eager to distill their learnings from the RC year and to offer their advice to the Class of 2006. We remembered to cater to the smorgasbord of interests that is HBS and as such, we have compiled this advice in bullet points, prose and poems. So choose your poison!
According to Phalgun Raju (OF), Associate Editor, News and Campus Affairs, there are eight keys to cracking the RC year:

o Two key skills to pick up while at HBS: Poker and golf

o Remember the acronym of Baker Scholar (For the uninitiated and the
admissions mistakes – the answer is B.S.)

o Don’t “build on” what others say by repeating the same thing.

o Good things, when short, are twice asgood: class comments, company
presentations, people, etc…

o The number of hands that go up is inversely proportional to time

o Contrarian comments are remembered the most (since everyone reading
this will now try to be contrarian, your comments should now be standard
to be contrarian – ah yes grasshopper, a Catch-22)

o Never eat at any place called “Mom’s.”

o “Success is not final. Failure is not fatal.” – Churchill

Shabnam Manuskhani (OH), Co-President, Marketing Club, became inspired while vacationing in South-East Asia and came up with a poem to describe her RC experience. Cut it out of the paper, laminate it, hang it in your room and cross off the paragraphs one by one as they happen to you over the next year.

Filling an endless series of pre- Matriculation requirements
Completing finance, accounting and statistics course supplements
Vying for the number one position in Crimson Greetings
Will someone rescue me from these spasmodic bursts of chaotic feelings???

Then comes Week One of the fall term,
With the same pre-assigned seat for your entire sojourn,
The room fills with 90 students jockeying for air time,
And you wonder why you were brought here for neither reason nor rhyme.

Weeks two through five hit you with recruiting mania,
A deluge of company presentations result in insomnia.
In the meantime, the National Cranberry Case wreaks havoc,
And all your heart desires is to sprawl on a beach in a hammock.

Amidst all this frenzy, the Section becomes your saving grace.
At first, the countless polls and section norms make you grimace
But then, over time, a sense of belonging starts
And Sky Deck Awards are increasingly top of the charts.

So pay heed to some humble advice from an EC,
And invest in these relationships as an RC,
Precious gems – your professors and peers – will prove to be,
So rare, that for years to come, you will still cherish their company.

And this is what Krishna Mahesh (OB), COO, SA, had to say:
You’ve all found out what sections you’re in and what that means. You’ve also just received a metric ton of cases and are wondering if you’ll ever get them read. Questions abound! Here’re a few simple tips that should help de-stress your life (the four S’s of HBS)

o Study groups: RELAX. Find a group of people who you like and form the group with them. Don’t look for the one consultant, one I-banker, one marketing person combination. HBS isn’t just about the academics. These five people can become your closest life-long friends!

o Section: All sections are AWESOME. (Section B is just a little bit more awesome). You’ll get to know your group of 90 section-mates better than nearly anyone else at HBS. Make the controversial comment – your section mates are far more likely to remember it and it may spark true discussion.

o Shad: You’re a few hundred yards from an AWESOME gym. You have 3-4 hours of classes and a flexible schedule. If you don’t get in shape now, when will you?

oStudent Government: Loved orientation? Enjoyed helping out your class mates. Here’s a way to help the whole of HBS – present and future. Shape the future of HBS not just the present.
You know why you came to HBS. Write it down now. Look at it from time to time and see if you’re doing what you wanted to do.

If you ignore all of this, I have one piece of advice – Relax!. You have begun to know 900 great people in the first two weeks here and you’re about to be deluged by another 900. Enjoy the received wisdom of your predecessors but build your own HBS