ND Victorious in IM Soccer Opener

ALLSTON (ND Press) – While it will go down in the history books as a mere footnote in the epic saga that is ND’s majestic soccer campaign of 2001, Monday’s match against NC was a heroic, if altogether one-sided, war of wills. Led into battle by Peter “Stoichkov” Velikin and anchored on “NDefense” by Siddharth “The Bomb from Bombay” Thacker, ND leapt out to an early lead and never trailed, leading 2-1 at the half and cruising home with a 4-2 victory.

At the post-game press conference, ND Captain Martin “Throw-in Master” Aspillaga opined on the areas of inspiration for ND. “First, we took some team New D pictures that we hope to post on the web. Our goal for after the game was to go celebrate as a team in the local New D bar. Hopefully there will be many more team W’s on the New D calendar in the future.”

Play of the game:
“The Wizard of” Moz Hussain stole the ball from NC, passing quickly to Cameron “All Finance, All the Time” Jones, who, supported by Adrian “Ultraman” Maizey, gave the slip to NC. At this point, feeling sorry for NC, Kelly “Walla Walla” Waldher and Derek “Insert nickname here” Mendez simply walked up to their opponents with their hands outstretched and introduced themselves politely. The distraction ploy worked perfectly – ND scored another easy goal on NC, and there was much rejoice.

1st Half
08:36 Morio “Soccer is on my Classcard” Alexander (assist: Dan “WNBA” Burns)
11:01 NC
17:52 Andre “The Giant” Silva (assist: Luis “Huggies” Sanchez)

2nd Half
24:20 Andre “The Giant” Silva (assist: Marty “Fluent in English” Butler)
33:44 NC
35:09 Stephanie “Pride of Libertyville” Chamberlain (assist: Ben “Seal of Approval” Ryan)

Final Score: ND 4, NC 2
Brendan “Chewbacca” McGeever