A Note from the Editor

Welcome back. It was an eventful break. We saw oil finally finish its inexorable climb toward $100 a barrel, HBS students scrambling to avoid the violence in Kenya, and the historic assassination of former prime minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto. America has also been captivated by a Presidential election pregnant with energy. A Harvard MBA… Continue reading A Note from the Editor

The Best Way to Argue with the President

In the Public Speaking Club’s Outstanding Speaker Series, Robert Barnett reveals his secrets to helping presidential ticket candidates prepare for nationally televised debates and shares his opinion on the upcoming presidential nominations. Attorney Robert Barnett spoke to an audience of about 350, which filled the Spangler Auditorium, on January 27. The event was the first… Continue reading The Best Way to Argue with the President

Got Buzz?

Without a doubt, the rough and tumble world of marketing has grown more fierce, and frankly more creative. In today’s world of information, where people are inundated with advertisements and information overload, marketers are using every trick in the book to get noticed including writing a few new ones. For instance, while I was enjoying… Continue reading Got Buzz?