Clinton Gets Warm Welcome at Harvard

Harvard seems to have a habit of attracting out-of-office politicians. First it was Al Gore, now his ex-boss Bill Clinton has paid a visit to campus, speaking at a Kennedy School event held at the Gordon Track and Tennis Center, just across the street from Shad Hall in Allston, on November 19. Clinton, who spoke… Continue reading Clinton Gets Warm Welcome at Harvard

George W. Bush Timeline

1946 George W. Bush born July 6 in New Haven, Conn.1948 Bush family moves from Connecticut to Texas.1950 Sister Robin born.1953 Brother Jeb born. Robin dies of leukemia.1955 Brother Neil born.1956 Brother Marvin born.1959 Sister Dorothy born.1961 Enrolls at Phillips Academy in Andover, Mass.1964 Graduates from Andover and enrolls at Yale University. His father loses… Continue reading George W. Bush Timeline

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

So I’m a sour-puss for not attending this year’s Priscilla Ball. After all, what’s the marginal utility of one more drag show in addition to the dozens I’ve already seen? I was fascinated, though, when I saw the photos emailed to me showing my male classmates under pounds of mascara, posing in tartly fishnet stockings… Continue reading Don't Ask, Don't Tell

The Best Way to Argue with the President

In the Public Speaking Club’s Outstanding Speaker Series, Robert Barnett reveals his secrets to helping presidential ticket candidates prepare for nationally televised debates and shares his opinion on the upcoming presidential nominations. Attorney Robert Barnett spoke to an audience of about 350, which filled the Spangler Auditorium, on January 27. The event was the first… Continue reading The Best Way to Argue with the President