Call the Baby Ugly

NA 4 – 2 NI
The game commenced at exactly 4 p.m. with a deafening war cry of “Call the Baby Ugly” from a motivated and passionate NA. Within 12 minutes, NA’s Bedii Yucaoglu had made two deadly strikes at goal, leaving the hapless NI goalkeeper stranded on the ground. Just when NA had begun to celebrate a spate of continuous ball possession, NI pulled one out of the hat and guided its first goal into the net, to give themselves a desperately needed confidence boost. Their newly found confidence was shattered however, just before half time, with a long-distance missile from NA’s Evan Gavas, thereby increasing NA’s half-time lead to 3-1. The second half commenced with a brutal battle in defense, as NA’s towering goalkeeper, Dave Tompkins, and star defender, Kat Pick, fought off wave after wave of NI frontal assaults.

Dave’s valiant efforts did not last however, because NI sneaked in a conciliatory goal to make the score 3-2. At this crucial point NA once again regrouped and sealed its well-deserved victory in the 32nd minute through a clinically executed goal by Jim Whitehead.

Man (woman in this case) of the match: Kat Pick
Top scorer: Bedii Yucaoglu