NA Toys with OE

NA felt so confident going into their game with OE they chose to spot OE 12 points in the 1st half. However, when OE chose not to let their female players in on the action, NA took a stand for women everywhere by going on the offensive.

Beginning NA’s second half surge was Katherina (Kat) Pick, who made an outstanding catch to bring the NA crowd to its feet. Feeling the momentum shift, NA decided to gamble with a deep pass. Quarterback Justin Crandall – what’s the point of being a Harbus contributor if you can’t give yourself some publicity?! – launched a bomb down the middle of the field to the waiting arms of Thomas Benford, who high-stepped into the endzone for NA’s first points of the game.

On OE’s following possession, Dave Tompkins made the first of his two interceptions in the game (and 3rd of 4 for the season), putting NA in excellent field position with ball in the OE end of the field. Battling through injury, warrior Dave Pouncy then made a great catch at the goal line to set up another NA touchdown pass, again to NA’s formerly secret weapon, Thomas Benford. With the extra point conversion to Jake Heller, NA took the lead 13-12.

When OE attempted to climb back into the lead, Dave Tompkins destroyed that notion by picking off another pass, again stealing back the momentum for NA. With time winding down, OE attempted to blitz the quarterback, who quickly darted around the left-side and wove through the defense as though they were standing still. When the extra point attempt was completed to Jim Whitehead, the hammer had fallen on OE.

In the end justice was served and NA walked away with a well-deserved victory.