They Said What? Does the Dew

Many of the humorous anecdotes heard around HBS this past week were made by new arrivals to the Boston area and revolved around the unpredictable and inconsistent weather of late, but were not appropriate for the Harbus reading audience and the small children who might pick up a discarded copy around campus. All members of our HBS community, especially those outside of New Section H, are highly encouraged to submit any and all comments by emailing them to

Ed Smith (NH), on purchasing decisions: “The purpose when I normally buy Budweiser is for massive distribution in my house.”

John Berger (NH): “All the cases are perpetuating illegal behavior.”

Jun Jung (NH): “I don’t know what khaki is, but it sounds like that’s what everyone wears.”

LEAD Professor Rakesh Khurana: “I went to my five-year reunion this past summer. Nobody ever says they’re unemployed. They’re all ‘between opportunities.'”

Amanda Provost (NH), evaluating proposed ads during the Mountain Dew case: “I don’t think there’s anything exciting about fatherhood. If you’re going after teenage boys, I think the last thing they want to think about is getting their 18-year-old girlfriends pregnant.”

RJ Sheedy (NH): “The other thing I like about the ad was it introduces the social aspect, and women, which I really like.”

Josh Jarrett (NH): “I was watching Jerry Springer a couple of months ago, and this guy traded sexual favors with his wife to another guy in the trailer park for a case of Mountain Dew.”

Finance Professor Marc Bertoneche: “Profit is an illusion. Cash is a reality.”