The Other Michelle Leslie Brown

Meet my friend Chris from the HBS Class of 2003. Originally from New York, he went to Harvard undergrad where he majored in Economics. When he’s not toiling away for McKinsey, he likes to travel, ski, and play golf and tennis. He speaks a little Spanish and French. He’s an ENTJ, and his birthday is June 5. And his wife is from Brigham Young University in Utah.

Maybe Chris doesn’t exactly exist, but he does sound a little like someone you’ve met, doesn’t he? Perhaps you see him in the mirror every morning?

Take the quiz. Count how many of the eleven traits you fit. If your Interests include both Skiing and Golf, give yourself one point for the Interests category, not two. Then see the end of the quiz for a new title you can add to how you describe yourself. In the parentheses are the numbers of students who share that trait, according to the Class of 2003 Prospectus.

1. Name: Christopher (11), Jennifer (12), Daniel (9), David (9)
2. Undergrad School: Harvard (61), Penn (49), Stanford
(36), Princeton(34)
3. Partner’s Undergrad School: BYU (10)
4. Undergrad Major: Economics (148), Finance (83), Mechanical Engineering (55), Business Administration (34)
5. Past Employer: McKinsey (81), Goldman Sachs (34), Bain (34), JP Morgan (32)
6. Past Field: Consulting (321), Investment Banking (144), Private Equity (73)
7. Home Region: New York (85), California (83), Massachusetts (51)
8. Interests: Travel (246), Golf (121), Tennis (85), Skiing (83)
9. Birthday: January 30 (7), January 31 (7), April 25 (7), June 5 (10), July 7 (8), September 9 (7)
10. Languages (conversant or better): Spanish (224), French (221), German (84)
11. Myers-Briggs Profile: ENTJ (about 215)

1-2: Outsider. You don’t actually attend HBS, but instead found this wrapped around some fish. That or you will someday be President of the United States.

3-4: Fringe. You are a student, but you feel a little on the periphery of HBS. You find few reasons to raise your hand in class, except to ask if you may be excused. When family asks how you are liking school, there’s always a bit of a pause before you answer.

5-6: Undecided. You don’t know quite how to take it when people say they’ve never heard of your undergrad school/previous employer/first name. Do you want to fit in more, or would you rather party with the School of Design? You can’t decide.

7-8: Wannabe. And that’s not the stuff you plop on your sushi, Jen. You’ve tried hard to fit in with the other kids here, but they know you’re from Yale, so you won’t get invited to join the ski house.

9-10: Archetype. You didn’t actually fill out the application to HBS-they simply let you in based on the above factors, which gave you more time to plan your trip to Southeast Asia this past summer, didn’t it, Dave?

11: Baker’s Scholar. And your wife likes Jell-O. (Utah is the U.S. state with the highest per-capita consumption of the gelatinous delight.)

*The author scored a four.

Editor’s Note: The humor editor scored a three. In addition to Michelle Leslie Brown’s honorary membership in the Class of 2003, the Class of 2002 boasts three ex-military officers called Captain Brown.