Club B in the House

Ok, so I’ll admit it. This is only my second article for the Harbus, and I am already out of ideas for the NB column. This is a lot harder than I thought it would be when I signed up for this job. To be honest with you, not too many notable things happen in one week that make for interesting reading to anyone outside of Section B-and we were there, so what’s the point of writing about it?

* do the “funny quotes” thing. FRC Professor Mark Bradshaw had many: “I rented a car to drive up to Vermont because I don’t want to put wear and tear on my 1991 Honda Civic.” “Before you blow the whistle on somebody, you want to make sure you’re not the idiot they think you are.” “This is like being in a PhD class. We potentially confuse it for no reason.” Kate Hartwell on her role in the TOM project, “What I do is straighten it out, spread them open, and stick it in.”

* do the “funny skydeck awards” thing… The Desperate for a Date award goes to Taylor Margis-Noguera for chit chatting with John Shepard’s female guest the entire day. And, yes, John did notice. Taylor then further proved his worthiness of this award by flirting with Eva Papoutsakis’s mom during her classroom visit, with Eva’s dad sitting right there.

* tell you about all the cool section norms we have, like standing ovations for your comments when you bring a guest to class. No matter how bad that comment may be, we’ll act like all that money we’re spending on tuition suddenly became worth it.
But all these things have been done and NB is far too original to copy other sections.

* tell you that we’ve finally decided on a section theme, Club B. In the coming weeks, you will see Aldrich 108 transformed from a boring, white-walled classroom into a funky nightclub complete with twinkle lights and a disco ball. This room will put all the current Boston hotspots to shame and will certainly become the coolest place to see and be seen. I know you’re all dying to get in there, but only the chosen few (NB) will be lucky enough to experience its magnificence on a daily basis.

* congratulate Jeff Scherer and Steve Purdy on a job well done. In what may be the best spoof of all time, they created a video that turned the Subarctic survival into a reality much closer to home, “How to Survive FRC When You’re Hung Over.” The scene: It’s 8:40 am. You stayed up all night drinking, and you are now severely hung over. You have only the six items in your backpack at your disposal: the case, a financial calculator, your fianc‚, a cup of coffee, a bottle of rum, and a jar of maple syrup. You have to rank them in order of importance to your survival of FRC. Think about it, and I’ll get back to you next week with the answers according to Dean Kim Clark (who struck a remarkable resemblance to Steve in the video).


October 28 Dim Sum at Pearl Gate in Boston
October 31 Costume Day
October 31 Family Trick or Treating in the Mellon Lounge
November 2 NB Pre-Harvard Ball Cocktail Party
November 7 Bowling
January 19-21 Killington Ski Trip