Columbia Business School Young Alumni Council

Getting Startedo Start the process early and stick with it. The job search can be a full time job itself. It takes time to find the right firm, get that initial meeting and build rapport. Internships are not always advertised, and you may have to volunteer time to get your foot in the door.o Be… Continue reading Columbia Business School Young Alumni Council

Fidelity's Feingold Dishes on Funds, Analysts, and Stock Picks

A veteran Fidelity portfolio manager visited the HBS campus on February 24 to give students a snapshot of the company’s research operations. Jeff Feingold, (HBS ’87), serves as Co-Director of Research for Analysts within Fidelity Management & Research (FMR), a position he accepted just four months ago. Formerly, he managed the firm’s Select Aerospace and… Continue reading Fidelity's Feingold Dishes on Funds, Analysts, and Stock Picks

Editorial: Why Women Want

I’ve never really understood how a gender that makes up more than half the population (51% in the U.S., according to the Census Bureau) constitutes a minority, but when it comes to women in business, the minority classification certainly holds true. In fact, the statistics are pretty grim. While women make up 41% of full-time… Continue reading Editorial: Why Women Want

Lessons Learned

When I worked for large companies, the concept of sharing profits was limited to the upper echelons and was generally in the form of annual bonuses that were mysteriously calculated, paid 3-5 months after the end of the year and generally reserved for the “fat cats” in the organization! Payments never happened below the Department… Continue reading Lessons Learned


Have you ever wondered why some people are less socially active than others? This test is designed to help you to get some additional insight. Instructions Give yourself at least 1 point for each positive answer. -You did not go to college in the US?-You did not work in consulting/banking/PE prior to business school?-You secretly… Continue reading FIT IN TEST

A Partners' Viewpoint

1) FOMO or Fear of Missing out: Nobody warns you about FOMO during ‘Admit Weekend.’ It is a dreadful feeling that strikes students around the first few weeks of school. This is much worse than totally being ignored by the sky deck and only slightly better than being the only one without a Facebook profile.… Continue reading A Partners' Viewpoint