Airlines Post Messages

Two airlines whose planes were involved in the crashes, American Airlines and United Airlines, have posted information on their websites: // Other major airlines have expressed their solidarity: // Lufthansa tells where its North American flights have ended up:// The following flights on September 11, 2001, will return or are diverted:LH442 Frankfurt-Detroit, landed in FrankfurtLH408… Continue reading Airlines Post Messages

HBS Hangouts-Taiwan Café

Taiwan CaféDetails: Dinner for two: $4034 Oxford Street (at Beach Street, in Chinatown)617-426-8181 In the hustle and bustle of Boston’s Chinatown, it can be hard to spot the truly delicious Chinese food. Although Spangler’s dumplings and rice bowls are a welcome choice during the busy school-lunch hour, nights or weekends will hopefully present spare time… Continue reading HBS Hangouts-Taiwan Café

HBS Rugby Team Takes on Mad River in Early-Season Warm-Up Match

The HBS Rugby Football Club returned to the rugby paddock over the weekend to begin the assured path to World Rugby dominance. After a long summer away from the Carl Lavin (OE) “even the Navy Seals can’t handle this workout” training regime, we gingerly hit the rugby pitch to take on last year’s New England… Continue reading HBS Rugby Team Takes on Mad River in Early-Season Warm-Up Match