Airlines Post Messages

Two airlines whose planes were involved in the crashes, American Airlines and United Airlines, have posted information on their websites:

Other major airlines have expressed their solidarity:

Lufthansa tells where its North American flights have ended up:

The following flights on September 11, 2001, will return or are diverted:
LH442 Frankfurt-Detroit, landed in Frankfurt
LH408 Dsseldorf-Newark, landed in Halifax
LH422 Frankfurt-Boston, landed in Halifax
LH400 Frankfurt-New York (JFK), landed in Gander, Kanada
LH430 Frankfurt-Chicago, landed in Toronto, Kanada
LH416 Frankfurt-Washington, landed in Gander, Kanada
LH462 Frankfurt-Miami, landed in Frankfurt
LH414 Berlin-Washington, landed in Shannon
LH444 Frankfurt-Atlanta, landed in Toronto
LH410 Mnchen-Newark, landed in Halifax
LH438 Frankfurt-Dallas, landed in Gander, Kanada
LH454 Franfurt-San Francisco, landed in Kevlavik
LH434 Mnchen-Chicago, landed in Montreal
LH456 Frankfurt-Los Angeles, landed in Leipzig
LH402 Frankfurt-Newark, landed in Frankfurt
LH418 Frankfurt-Washington, landed in Frankfurt
LH440 Frankfurt-Houston, landed in Gander, Kanada
LH426 Frankfurt-Philadelphia, landed in Frankfurt
LH448 Frankfurt-Phoenix, landet in Dsseldorf (22:05)
LH446 Frankfurt-Denver, landed in Dsseldorf
LH458 Mnchen-San Francisco, landed in Mnchen
LH452 Mnchen-Los Angeles, landed in Mnchen
LH498 Frankfurt-Mexico Stadt, landed in Frankfurt
LH492 Frankfurt-Vancouver, landed in Vancouver (00:09)
All passengers are well and safe.