HBS Tightens Security-Don't Forget Your IDs!

In this era of heightened security, both Harvard University and Harvard Business School have begun to enforce existing policies more tightly. As a result, Baker Library requires that all members of the community present their Harvard picture ID in order to gain entry, something most of the other University Libraries have always required. Consequently, we… Continue reading HBS Tightens Security-Don't Forget Your IDs!

Zibby Back in the Big Apple

I went back to my hometown, Manhattan, last weekend for the first time in five weeks. The previous weekend I’d spent there consisted of packing up my best friend, Stacey’s, apartment after she perished in the World Trade Center on that certain double-digit day in September. In September, the city was, well, scary. Different. Empty.… Continue reading Zibby Back in the Big Apple

Raw & Spicy and Power Has Its Privileges

Raw & SpicyBy Kevin Dallas I am not, nor I have I ever been, associated with the graduate schools of Harvard. Goldie brought me in as a ringer because of a deficiency in her database. Nick was, put simply, the only homosexual in the match-making database. At Harvard? Really, people! Therefore, ours was not the… Continue reading Raw & Spicy and Power Has Its Privileges

New J Goes Skiing

A catchy title is all it takes to get the reader hooked. If you know any good ones, please let me know. All night dancing, outrageous theme nights, risqu‚ pub crawls, just one happening party after another-that’s probably another section. Instead let us share with you just one example of our wild approach to fun.… Continue reading New J Goes Skiing

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Nuking Nevada

A Contributing author with her finger on the button It was Saturday afternoon, and, behold, I was not at the Grille negotiating in vain with the Omelet Guy the exchange of my firstborn for scrambled eggs past noon. Instead, I was walking down a tourist-saturated street with my friend from, gasp, another section (the House… Continue reading Nuking Nevada

HBS Partners Confront Multiple Challenges

Can you imagine getting married, with all of the adjustments that it entails, followed almost immediately by a move to a new city, requiring one to give up local friends and family and exchange a stimulating job for a largely supportive role for your partner? Or how about dating someone special who applies and is… Continue reading HBS Partners Confront Multiple Challenges

MBA IT To the Rescue

Picture this scenario. You have a flight to catch in one hour. Next week is Hell Week and you have materials to print from the online Vault Guide to prepare for your banking interview. You quickly jog to the printer in Spangler, swipe your ID card and press print. Wait a second. What is this?… Continue reading MBA IT To the Rescue

La Sylphide – Boston Ballet

Enchanting and romantic, La Sylphide is a performance that shouldn’t be missed. As this piece is one of the oldest existing works in ballet repertoire, I was weary about what to expect. Not to worry, Boston Ballet’s Artist Director, Mikko Nissinen, has done a fantastic job updating this classic with elaborate sets, tailored costumes, and… Continue reading La Sylphide – Boston Ballet

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