Winter Travel Special: Location, Location, Location

The classic HBS student struggle continues: Lots of time, no money – versus – lots of money, no time. After careful consideration, my wife and I decided that Citiassist is there to take advantage of, and so we should exploit the “lots of time” while we have it this coming winter break. The next big… Continue reading Winter Travel Special: Location, Location, Location

NH: Spring Break 2002

On March 25th, Aldrich 9 looked different under the fluorescent lights. While Professor Koehn continued to enlighten us with her usual entrepreneurial spirit and Professor Pill again wowed us with his masterful chalkboard cartography skills, a new, warm cast of sun-kissed skin highlighted by bright-colored clothing, and tired eyes yet new vigor and life filled… Continue reading NH: Spring Break 2002

Freckled Frogs

Who says tans are so great-it’s all about freckles! A whopping 30 or so section F’ers plus S.O.’s went to Costa Rica and had anything but a lazy vacation. Constant activities-poor froggies. The trip was a blast and we’ve got the photos to prove it. Incidentally, whenever not feigning smiles for the camera, rumor has… Continue reading Freckled Frogs

Pura Vida!

“Imagine a bunch of HBS students who are used to the Hilton roughing it in mildew-smelling bunk beds with cockroaches and waking up to the soothing sounds of Howler Monkeys.” The spring 2010 Costa Rica IXP embarked on a journey to understand Pura Vida and how this concept impacts Costa Rica, the government and the… Continue reading Pura Vida!

Career Perspectives: Hospitality

RC: Noah BrodskyCompany: Four SeasonsWebsite: www.fourseasons.comIndustry: Hospitality: Food & LodgingPosition/Function: Restaurant ManagerLocations: Costa Rica and MauiResponsibilities: Managed the fine dining restaurants and bars So is it really as good as it sounds?Yes! The lifestyle is fantastic. I went to the beach every morning before work, played golf twice a week, and ate lobster and steak… Continue reading Career Perspectives: Hospitality