Humor: They Said What?

Professor Edward Riedl is becoming a frequent guest of this column, possibly indicating that RC students are having too much fun learning accounting. It is hard to compare anyone, however, to Professor Richard Tedlow, who continues to bestow upon us his pearls of wisdom like it is his appointed duty. Anyone who has an interesting… Continue reading Humor: They Said What?

Shifty Eyes

Yes, yes, yes, we are indeed back. Same faces, a little tanner and thinner, and with “old” as the prefix to our section identifier instead of “new.” And for the Class of 2004, oddly enough, this period resembles that of a year ago, except that, “so what section are you in?” has been replaced by… Continue reading Shifty Eyes

Tsunami: Turning the Waves of Disaster into Waves of Hope

Tsunami, a word unknown to most of us entered our vocabulary forever on December 26th. That day when the people of South Asia had hardly finished their Christmas celebrations, the tsunami caused destruction well beyond anyone’s wildest imaginations. It shocked all of us and exposed our vulnerability to forces of nature by the extent of… Continue reading Tsunami: Turning the Waves of Disaster into Waves of Hope