Humor: They Said What?

Professor Edward Riedl is becoming a frequent guest of this column, possibly indicating that RC students are having too much fun learning accounting. It is hard to compare anyone, however, to Professor Richard Tedlow, who continues to bestow upon us his pearls of wisdom like it is his appointed duty.

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Patrick Scott (ND) (softly): So I was working at GM.
Professor Watson (TOM): Excuse me?
Patrick Scott: GM!! … They make cars.

Ramon Rivas (OD): “In Mexico, if you discover oil on your land, the Rule of Capture is that the government will take your land.”

Torarie Durden (NI): ” First of all, I would order us a couple of shots of Hennessey, kick back and tell Green everything is working okay. Peterson needs to show confidence…. and Hennessey tends to bring that out.”

Prof. Riedl (FRC professor for NA):
“T-Accounts… if you’re a nerd like me you love them.”

“I told my wife that I’ve taken 40 accounting classes, maybe 50… depressing really.”

Lex Sant (OK): “I’m a big fan of TiVo. I really like TiVo. I’m a champion of TiVo.”

Professor Richard Tedlow (Coming of Managerial Capitalism):
“If you think our reading is boring, let me recommend to you Railroads, Finance and Organizations.”

“The only thing Burma and Iowa have in common is they end with the letter A, and they don’t even have that in common anymore since Burma changed their name.”

“I wish it rained beer, but it don’t.”

[on driving in Boston]:
“It’s a Hobbesian world out there.”
“I’m not willing to die for one car length… two maybe, but not one.”
“People will do things that are rude just for the pleasure of it.”

Professor Asis Martinez-Jerez (FRC professor for NI): “Engineers, put your hands down. I am looking for somebody with economic sense.”