Friday After Next

Friday After Next (2002)Director: Marcus RaboyStarring: Ice Cube, Mike Epps To the delight of some (and horror of others), the third installment of the Friday series, Friday After Next, hits theatres just in time for the holidays. The series’ second film, Next Friday, was a wild disappointment, and the smart money would have odds against… Continue reading Friday After Next

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HBS Hammers MIT

Sometimes, Mother Nature just doesn’t cooperate. HBS Rugby’s plan to close the regular season and celebrate their storied rivalry with the Beavers of MIT by hosting a free BBQ was foiled by near-freezing temperatures, pouring rain, and bitter wind. While many fans braved the elements to come cheer on the ruggers against their evil and… Continue reading HBS Hammers MIT

Coming Up This Week in Sports…

Saturday, October 26thWHAT: HBS Rugby final game of season & public BBQWHO: HBS vs. MITWHERE: Rugby pitch behind Harvard StadiumWHEN: Game 11AM, BBQ and Harvard Undergrad rugby to follow. All week:WHAT: Baseball World SeriesWHO: San Francisco Giants vs. Anaheim AngelsWHERE & WHEN:Tuesday, Oct. 22 – Game 3Anaheim at San Francisco, 8:30 p.m.Wednesday, Oct. 23 –… Continue reading Coming Up This Week in Sports…

HBS SA Social Impact Initiative

A top priority for next year’s Student Association (SA) is creating more opportunities for HBS students to serve in the local community. The initiative is part of an overall shake-up of the SA – its purpose and value to students. Throughout our conversations, one of the recurring suggestions we’ve heard from students is to offer… Continue reading HBS SA Social Impact Initiative

Southern Barbecue Delights at Redbones

In Davis Square, the one block radius surrounding Redbones is permeated with the enticing aroma of barbeque. The well-loved restaurant, which opened in 1987, serves a steady stream of diners seeking humble Southern food. The Redbones menu contains the Southern specialties one might expect – pulled pork, BBQ beef, ribs, and cornbread. Redbones is known… Continue reading Southern Barbecue Delights at Redbones