Roses & Thorns

For most people, it’s hard to believe that an entire semester has passed. I remember being sad that Foundations was over. I liked having classes with different people every day. I hardly recognized any names in Section H. Who is this Robert Sheedy guy sitting next to me for the rest of the semester? I… Continue reading Roses & Thorns

No Respect!

Harbus Humor is the Rodney Dangerfield of the editorial room.Around the end of October Harbus Humor got the feeling that the Harbus editorial team wasn’t taking him seriously. Actually, Harbus Humor always had that feeling. Sure Harbus Humor complained whenever editorial meetings ran over, but one has to realize that Harbus Humor seeing the battle… Continue reading No Respect!


Each year, a certain pop-psych analysis of the RC and EC classes emerges based on common observation and intermittent light gossip. Last year, many RCs (now ECs) observed that the Class of 2002 seemed rather unreceptive to RCs, and at times, a little weird. Of course, it was the Class of 2003 that received the… Continue reading Editorial

Backgammon Barry

Aside from learning about the remarkable resumes of fellow students, it’s always amazing to hear about other accomplishments that don’t quite fit on MBA classcards. Something you may not have heard is that our fellow Section H’er, Barry Gittleman, is not only a former Naval submarine commander, but he is also the Champion of the… Continue reading Backgammon Barry