No Respect!

Harbus Humor is the Rodney Dangerfield of the editorial room.Around the end of October Harbus Humor got the feeling that the Harbus editorial team wasn’t taking him seriously. Actually, Harbus Humor always had that feeling. Sure Harbus Humor complained whenever editorial meetings ran over, but one has to realize that Harbus Humor seeing the battle… Continue reading No Respect!

Impressions of a First Year

Harvard Junior High…. Think about it. They provide an endless supply of over-cooked, cardboard-crusted, sawdust-dry “pizza” to sedate us. We go batty when the professor turns off the lights and shows a video (each time a professor shows a video, it reflexively evokes these reactions as if we have never seen a video before). The… Continue reading Impressions of a First Year

Were We Funny?

At last, your misery at the hands of Omar has come to an end. Indeed (which is one of my favorite words), this is my last issue as the editor of the Humor / H-BS / That Guy sections, and I must say, if I may (which I may, because who’s going to stop me?… Continue reading Were We Funny?