Roses & Thorns

For most people, it’s hard to believe that an entire semester has passed. I remember being sad that Foundations was over. I liked having classes with different people every day. I hardly recognized any names in Section H. Who is this Robert Sheedy guy sitting next to me for the rest of the semester? I remember going back to my dorm, comparing notes to my suitemates. After spending one hour with our new sections, we were all saying, “Well…it seems okay so far.” Little did I know that I would become so attached to my section, to my seat and to the people that sit next to me.

I asked the section to reflect on the first semester and answer a few questions. Here are some of the responses:

Most people who responded knew an average of FOUR other people before we got into section.

The one word that Section H members feel describe the section best: The word, “Vaunted”, came up several times. Other words included: Rock, Bonded, Talented, Lovefest, Unstressful, Hot, Tenacious, Comfortable, Out-of-Control

And finally, I used to play a game at summer camp, where each of the twelve girls in my cabin would go around saying their “Rose of the Day”, which is the best part of the day, and their “Thorn of the Day”, the worst. Here’s what some people of Section H had to say about their “Rose of the Semester” and their “Thorn of the Semester”:

Robert Kimmel:
Rose: Pat impersonating LN: “Excuse me, but Monika has never been to a Hollidazzle Ball before. I thought we should sing her a Christmas Carol.”
Thorn: “The canary is dead.”

Jen Taylor:
Rose: Just one? Singing to the professors on the last day.
Thorn: Day after I got dumped. I was miserable and could have cared less about Cycle Times.

Sarah Kim:
Rose: I think Friday when we were singing at the Grill, I realized how far we’d come to bonding like a family. The meaning of the section really came together for me that day.
Thorn: Messing up my cold call in TOM the first week of class-I was dying of embarassment and then someone from section told me afterwards “that was pretty awful.”

Amy Rabinowitz:
Rose: It has to be the Hollidazzle dance-a-thon finale in our own little ballroom, though a close second/third would be Rakesh’s last LEAD discussion (when he teared up) and when he read Oh the Places you’ll Go. (break my heart why don’t you?), and a fourth would be greg miller dress up day- everyone looked fantastic.
Thorn: going to class morning after scorpion bowl races. not pleasant. first couple days of TOM – i was shellshocked. maybe even our first day of LEAD – the cell phone going off, Rakesh being pissed, ending with “this is a serious place for serious people.”

Barry Gittleman:
Rose: All skits at Hollidazzle
Thorn: finding out our cat, Sebastian, did not have all of his cancer removed when his leg was amputated and he’d have to go through radiation treatment also (he’s doing fine now and will finish radiation this week).

Rene Sauerteig:
Rose: Hollidazzle – the whole night…or at least the parts I remember
Thorn: Being hungover in class the day after Scorpion Bowl races at the Kong

Marc Zelanko:
Rose: John Kelleher and Robbob singing THE GAMBLER
Thorn: Every single lunchtime section meeting

Walter Delph:
Thorn: First section meeting w/ only students where we talked about the dolls and bathroom all class

Min Zhang:
Rose: Holidazzle, and the farewell party for the professors
Thorn: got a 3 from marketing mid-term, realizing how easy to make a contribution to the section by taking a 3 – if everyone gets one 3, none ofus will hit the screen.

Eric Hiller:
Roses: Hollidazzle skit hour. And it’s geeky, but I was very impressed with the classes performance on the Ford / Dell case. I thought everyone would be saying Ford should do everything Dell does. However, everyone was very insightful in telling where the Dell system would work in Ford and where it would be inappropriate.
Thorn: Section norms discussions and the tyranny of the minority with games.

Liz Chirpich:
Rose: After our professor roast on the last day of class, when we all
piled into the grille and John pulled out his guarantee and we started
singing. . . and then Ali yelled out to the rest of the grille how H was
the best section, and said how everyone was jealous and he invited
them to come join our section. . . and when Kristen and Robert walked up,
Ali yelled out to the grille saying how these guys came to join our section. Thorn: the last day of class. . . I am so sad to leave everyone.

R.J. Sheedy:
Rose: Sitting next to Liz Chang (Author’s note: R.J. realizes that
despite the case study method, there IS in fact a correct answer!)
Thorn: Enduring class with a hangover

Chris Knop:
Rose: Hollidazzle skits
Thorn: First class, first question of a professor, 60 hands in the
air – I knew I would be in trouble…

Catherine Rucker:
Rose: At Hollidazzle when everyone was dancing together at the
end of the skits, oblivious to the rest of the party going on outside.
I will dispense with the Thorn.

Ethan Baron:
Rose: It’s got to be the little engine that could Hollidazzle performance.
Thorn: my new seating assignment

Andrew Matuch:
Rose: Holidazzle
Thorn: Rajiv ignoring the giant “I have my hand raised” sign on my desk…

Brian Hoskins:
Rose: Pit dancing at the end of the Hollidazzle skits.
Thorn: Staying out late drinking and getting cold called in Marketing
the next morning.