We Need Your Help

Yes, we need your help. It may seem odd that two ridiculously good looking, suave, intelligent men with dance moves like Usher and writing skills like King should need any help with anything at all. Let’s be honest, did Jordan need help dunking? Did Shakespeare need help writing sonnets? Did Bush need help in Iraq? Well, ok, maybe we’ll leave that last one alone, but yes, we definitely need your help.

Every week we try to bring the best of Boston’s entertainment to you, the HBS reader, in order to make your life that much more enjoyable. How will someone from Australia learn what bars are the best for making female undergrad friends unless you write about it? How will someone from London learn to correctly pronounce the words vitamin and herb unless you show them the art of speaking real English? And how will someone from the Midwest learn that culture is something more than what is grown in the lab unless you write about the theatre and Fenway Park? A&E is what business school is all about, because let’s be honest, these will be the two greatest years of your life.

So if you discover some great event and want to encourage everyone to attend, or if you have watched some horrible movie and want to warn people before seeing it, please feel free to write up your experience and send it in. My co-editor, Mike Wharfe (OC) and I will do our best to provide you with a section that presents the best of Boston, so that you will know exactly how to spend that one-hour of extra free time you have each month. Enjoy, and we hope to see a number of you involved this year.