Section G Captures Olympic Gold

The RC class spent last Wednesday afternoon in a heated inter-section competition – the annual Section Olympics. Mike Butville (NB) and Sri Krishnamachari (NI) kicked off the opening ceremonies with much fanfare, well disguised as Deans Clark and Kester. However, the real Dean Kester arrived just in time to tag the aforementioned thespians with dodgeballs, winning over the stage and the crowd before proclaiming: “Let the games begin!”

Following the opening ceremonies, students competed tenaciously throughout the afternoon, with section Presidents and faculty members serving as both organizers and referees. Events ranged from model-building to dodgeball, relay races to quiz bowl, and had students tossing eggs and their cookies (er, make that Twinkies). After a fierce day of field events and intellectual sparring, Section G emerged victorious, placing first in Project Build and receiving top points in Quiz Bowl. Section E secured second place and Section J took third.

Following the events, all enjoyed a well-presented bbq in the Williams Room (rumor has it that the TOM faculty were involved in positioning the food tables) and the music of Cardinal Direction.