Section H Bonding

When we go to class and see all of the button-down, blue shirts, we realize that we’re in business school. I counted 23 one day. “A serious place for serious students” as Professor Khurana says. We use words like “throughput time” and “gross margin,” terms I’d never used before I came here.

Then, a couple of months go by. Weeks of skydeck awards pass. Stuffed animals get tossed around. And after hours, we’re college kids again, having fun. Section H has started to go out a lot together. We had a lot of section events at the beginning of the year, but they were much more formal. Now, Section H people are letting loose. “Letting their hair down,” so to speak.

Last week, our section went out Wednesday, Thursday, Friday right after class, all day Saturday, and Sunday. On Friday, there was almost a 70% showing, as TGIF apparently started too late in the day. We’ve created a “Wednesday Night Out,” and our social chair Patricia Pu has been busy planning the rest of the year. It’s great to see such section spirit. This even translates to our intramural games, where our team consistently has up to 10 cheerleaders on hand, yelling, “Go H! Give me an H! H! What does that spel