All Those in Favor

81, 80, 79, 78…Ready to go!
The section with a “cool” legacy is creating one of its own. An insider suggests that AuntieGoldie has more requests for “some time” with Section I men than any other. Peruvian rugby star Jorge O’Hara describes the soccer and football teams as perhaps the best HBS has ever had. The exploits of the Section I cool dudes have even caught the attention of the Mountain Dew brand manager, and it is rumored that Wael “Cleopatra” Sawan is appearing in the campaign for 2002.

Not to be left behind, the women of Section I had a strong two-thirds showing at the women’s only get together. The gossip is closely guarded, and even the Harbus rep could not lay his hands on it! Thanks to Kris Fitzpatrick and Michael Koffler, the social events got to a rollicking start with men’s and women’s night out. The mixer at Grendel’s gave the section an opportunity to discover each other. The scorching pace of the section socials has continued throughout the week, making Section I the most hip crowd to be with.

The week was also marked with hectic activity as Section officers got down to business. Section President Graham “Never Say Die” Weihmiller is battling three cases a day and also thinking of ways to constantly surprise the section. The flags, section credo, voting rights, and calling signs are all fine, but it is the “hand puppet” and “showing the apple” that are enhancing the learning experience of Section I. Not surprisingly, Section I has “the most risk free environment among all other alphabets.”

This week, as always, the safety zone reverberated with dazzlers, which took the battle into the pit. “I am not a coffee man, and I am not a Suave shampoo man, but I definitely know Mountain Dew” seated closely with “I don’t want relationships, I want food.” The section also saw one of the most “interesting” comments while demolishing Donna Dubinsky and Apple Computer. The section set another of its many traditions rolling when it welcomed the first “I” parents this week.

On a lighter note, Section I is casting its net wider to bridge the Gap between the alphabets. The paintball challenge with Section K will be met this week, and other alphabets are strongly encouraged to experience the I. Those of the “Baker” kind can match their wits with our own TOM experts at the trivia challenge coming up soon!
Before I close, let me say…I