Halloween at Club B

I love Halloween. It has been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember. Every year I wear a costume, no matter how old I may be getting. As it turns out, so do many sectionmates.
Trick or Treat

Club B celebrated Halloween in style, as if you would expect anything less from the best section at HBS. My personal favorite costume was Julie Gish as Don King, although FRC Professor Mark Bradshaw?s Pinhead Accountant costume was also REALLY good, although I don?t think he meant for it to be a costume. Other costumes included Seth Meisel as a Magic 8-Ball, Drew Blackburn as a pirate, Dave McMullin as a farmer, Scott Baldwin as a rock star, Edrienne Brandon as a golfer, and, in true HBS fashion, Jeff Scherer as a LIFO reserve. Also, Ethan Anderson was a perfect gangster and Rich Leimsider made a great Random Shady Guy.

TRICKS: Club B experimented with seat swapping for the first time. Simon Cheng and Michael Chang tried to pull one over on Professor Bradshaw in FRC, but it didn?t work. Aparna Doshi and Dinesh Moorjani tried the same thing in Marketing, also without success. But then Tucker Bailey and Taylor Margis-Noguera actually made it work in Marketing. Not only did Professor Doug Holt call on Taylor/Tucker, he also complimented him on his costume! (Note: I thought it worked, but some of my sectionmates tell me that it didn?t. Whatever. It was still funny.)

TREATS: Since tricks are no fun without treats, Jennifer Fung generously made cupcakes for all of us. We also had a pizza and beer study break in the Mellon Lounge later that night.

Pre-Halloween Celebration
Club B, as usual, was the life of the Halloween party at Aria. Based on an informal poll, we all had a fantastic time?at least we think we did. We can?t really remember much… but we do remember that the turnout was great and the enthusiasm was off the hook.
Our favorite costumes were the boys of the US swim team, the gorilla suit, and Travis the Pimp. Club B-ers went all out with their costumes. Amanda Krantz was a flapper, Dinesh Moorjani was “the black Star Trek officer that never made it past the pilot episode,” Eva Papoutsakis was a devil, and Ben Margoles was Dr. John Carter from ER. I personally went as a Raiderette and, no, I won?t do a cheer for you.

We would like to thank the SA for saving us the 10 bucks cover charge, which we were able to use to buy one $10 martini. But seriously, alcohol is very important to those of us that were there. In fact, I?ve received a suggestion that the Club B motto be “Menace II Sobriety.”

Any Survivors?
For those of us who were able to make it out of bed before noon the next day, there was a group dim sum outing in Boston. Three of our professors, Mark Bradshaw, Tiziana Casciaro, and Doug Holt were able to join us. Taylor Margis-Noguera took advantage of time with the professors to try to pay off the LEAD professor for a ?I? in her class. Apparently, he can?t just earn it (just kidding, Taylor!). Let me know if it works because I will need to request extra CitiAssist money. The funniest part of lunch had to be the look on Professor Holt?s face when the chicken feet arrived. Regardless, everyone had a good time and got to try some new food, such as Turnip Paste.
Speaking of surviving, the answers to last week?s “How to Survive FRC When You?re Hung Over” are as follows:

6. The Case: Least important because you didn?t read it… besides, cases are just a way for HBS to make money. They have nothing to do with what actually goes on it class.

5. Financial calculator: Not only are you too hungover to use this calculator, but we all know that FRC is not really about numbers anyways. We just hire Wharton grads to do that sort of thing.

4. Your Fianc‚: Upon introduction of your fianc‚, the roar of the crowd will make your headache so much worse.

3. Coffee: Not only can the caffeine help you stay awake in class, you can also spill it on yourself or your neighbor to avoid a cold call.

2. Bottle of Rum: Everyone knows that the best cure for a hangover is more alcohol.

1. Jar of Maple Syrup: Most important because it proves how ridiculously pointless these simulations actually are.

Don?t Forget!!!
November 7 Drinks with NK at Casablanca?s
November 10 Party in NYC
November 14 Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner
November 28 Small Group Dinners