Welcome from the Sports & Health Editor

Welcome to 2002, your last chance to celebrate a year that’s a palindrome until 2112, as our new Featured Columnists Matt Adams and Laurent Chenot point out in the Viewpoints Section. EC types, I hope that bit of useless information somehow helps you get a job. Speaking of jobs, my name’s Derek and I’ve got a new one – as your ship’s Sports Editor. I’m just like Isaac, except without the bar. Ted Lange fans unite! But don’t call me “Ace” or I’ll send you out to jump the shark. Still reading? I’m not sure why either. How about big round of applause for Jamie Warder, my predecessor!

The Harbus Sports Section is where you’ll find everything about sports that doesn’t make the cut at ESPN. Yes, you’ll still get IM recaps and scores, and everything you want to know about the HBS Sports and Recreation scene, but I hope to bring you much, much more. To whet your sports appetite for the next six months, I’ve selected a Top 10 list of sports events to put on your calendar. I’ll buy you dinner if you attend one and write an article that gets printed in the sports section. Plus, since HBS has a very diverse student body, I’m sure there are many people who have questions about specific sports, for instance: “what the heck is squash and why doesn’t anyone play racquetball around here?” Send ’em on in, and I’ll try and get an answer for you.

That’s right, pimp your section’s IM victory right here for the whole world to see! Got more smack than you can possibly talk on the court or field? Send it my way and I’ll do my best to get it in. Remember that:

“To the victors go the spoils and the Harbus write-up!”

Nobody will ever know that you barely squeaked out a “W” unless you write it that way.

New this semester will be the HBS Play of the Week-write it up, send it in, and the best one each week gets published. I don’t care if it’s from your IM basketball game or from beating your friend at PS2 Madden Football (I know all you RC types picked up a PS2 for the holidays after reading the case in Marketing). The more outrageous, the better, IMHO.

A recent non-scientific poll finds that Fantasy Football is the most-played sport at HBS. What better way to spend your winter break than watching football with friends and talking trash? Not that anyone here is competitive or anything. I used the money from winning my league to finance some of my other favorite sports-Blackjack and Craps. Vegas was good to me but I left a little “deposit” in Tahoe to get back next time. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

They don’t build huge casino resorts in the desert because people win at gambling. Good thing ESPN2 was running a World’s Strongest Man marathon on New Year’s Day, because otherwise I might have gone and gambled away my tuition. Yes, that’s me at the 1997 WSM competition held at Primm and Las Vegas, NV. I’ll show you the tape some other time. Until then, welcome back to school, and I hope everyone had a fantastic break!

Derek Mendez
Sports Editor