Priscilla, Queen of Section J

Section bonding reached new levels as J rocked out at the Priscilla Ball last week with 23 members in attendance. Technicolor wigs, heels, and little black dresses were the order of the day as J-ers could be found getting in touch with their feminine side on the dance floor and all around the Boston Harbor Hotel. Spirits soared as J broke out in cheers and chants following group pictures.

Section J attendees voted Carlos Mier-y-Teran, aka Carlita, the most outrageous outfit while Aussie John Russell was voted the best-looking “lady.” Upon hearing of John’s selection, new section president Anthony Keizner was heard to exclaim, “Pppppplease, did you see his outfit? It is soooo last year.” Meanwhile, an anonymous tip was received that Mr. Keizner was, in fact, impersonating former first lady Barbara Bush.
Ex-Navy Seal Jim McNary was voted both the most surprising to dress as a girl and the scariest “lady.” Coincidence? I think not. Dazhi Chen and section Admissions Representative Andre Martinelli were noted to be the best dancers, while David Janke was generally believed to have the nicest legs and shoes. More anonymous comments were received that Jim McNary’s incredibly thick beer goggles had him confusing various ladies and “ladies.”

The Priscilla Ball wasn’t just for “ladies” however; it was also for the real girls, too. Pam Smith easily won best female costume with her top hat and bow tie and, umm, not much else. Irina Zavina returned to the 1980s for the evening while Deana Menkes was deemed the least recognizable girl, thanks in part to her pink and silver disco wig.
Cameras were at the ready throughout the event, and class historian Sarah Kauss, disguised in blonde wig and disco skirt, snapped away, happily collecting the evidence for a Monday presentation to the section, entitled “J-lo for a night: Why we will never be President.” Ozgur Onder summed up the evening with a succinct, “Who knew that dressing up as a girl could be so much fun?”