Now Hear This! SA Adds VPs of Communications

The SA is working hard to make sure that your student issues are heard, voiced, dealt with, and communicated. But you might be asking-what issues are these, exactly? The Student Association is undertaking so many initiatives that it can be hard to keep track of them all, especially in light of classes, clubs, recruiting, and TGIF socials (not to mention recovering from all of those).

That’s why the team of Schock and Plunkett has created a new force to make sure that you know exactly what is happening in student life. They’ve brought together a new team-Stanton and Vadakan (that’s Mike and Pebbles, respectively)-to be your new SA VPs of Communication. And our first initiative is to introduce ourselves.

This begs the obvious next question-what exactly are we here for? The answer is you. This is the Student Association, after all. What will we be doing? Making sure that hot student topics and SA initiatives are well communicated to the student community (hence, VPs of Communication-OK, you’ve got that part). Get used to this page, because it’s becoming a weekly ritual. If you want to know about the hot issues (and how they are being addressed), new developments, or more details on precisely what those SA officers you elected are doing, pick up your weekly Harbus. We will have regular updates on anything and everything that pertains to student life at HBS. Did you know about the shuttle bus service to New York City that will be provided by the SA for HBS students? How about the Prescription Drug Plan the SA was able to add into our health care? Well, now you do. Further details are in Mike’s article below.
And, by the way, if you want daily updates or additional details on SA developments, check out the SA website at That is your resource for student events, information, and initiatives. That also happens to link into cohort pages, Webmail, career services, faculty, student clubs, and anything else you might find relevant to HBS student life. It’s one extra resource you can take advantage of.

Think of us as Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Fred and Ginger without the dancing. The Professor and Marianne. Or maybe Laurel and Hardy. However you view us, we’re the team that will bring you current SA news week after week. And if there are particular student issues you want voiced, you can feel free to contact us. Stay tuned.