Have You Ever Dreamed Of Being President?

On Oct. 10, the Class of 2003 will elect section officers. Read on to learn about the elections process, what positions are open, and how to run for them. And remember, these are not the last elections in your HBS career —Student Association leaders and club officers will be elected in the spring.

There are two key requirements for candidates. First, each candidate needs to give MBA Student Life an 8-1/2 x 11″ piece of paper including your name, section, the position you’re running for, and a persuasive message to convince your section to vote for you. It will be posted on your section room wall for all your sectionmates to see. You can only run for one position and no teams are allowed.

Then, for a live appeal, each candidate will be invited to give a one-minute speech to their section over lunch.

Each section will elect the following positions. To learn more, be sure to attend the Elections Q&A session this afternoon (see box for more details).

Oversee day-to-day student life and internal proceedings of the section. Lead discussion and structure dialogue within sections to help set section norms. Provide leadership in times of crisis, change, upheaval, scandal, etc. This is a lifetime position.

Represent the section on the Student Association Senate. Serve on one or more senate committees or task forces to deal with specific campus life issues. Work as a liaison between students, faculty, and administration. Senators serve on the SA for both years of the MBA program. Much of the work is not section specific, however senators are the “voice” of their section on the SA.

Education Representative:
Enhance the section’s educational process by facilitating communication between students and faculty, and among students themselves. Help students find appropriate educational resources and support. Work with the administration to address logistical issues relating to the education process.

“Being Ed Rep is the most fulfilling and rewarding position. You actually have a hand in shaping and making a contribution to the learning environment that HBS is renowned for. The key challenge is that due to the rewarding nature of the position, it can take over your life.”
— DY Lin (OJ)

Social Representative:
Coordinate section activities for social interaction in the first and second year. Although only one person can be “officially” elected on the SA ballot, many sections choose to appoint/elect multiple students to this position.

“To do a good job takes a lot of time and effort, but the payoff is incredible. The downside is that nothing you can do will make everyone happy—so just accept it!”
— Kim Scott (OK)

Technology Representative:
Help shape HBS technology initiatives and policies. Participate in the SA Technology Committee. The Tech Rep keeps the section apprised of the school’s technology resources and programs and is responsible for the section’s website.

Secure a checking account, collect section dues, and coordinate the financial needs of the section. Create first- and second-year budgets and keep the section informed of fiscal issues. Time commitment for this position is less than one hour per week once the account and budget are established.

Student Career Representative:
Act as liaison between Career Services and the section to keep the section informed of deadlines and procedures and to improve the recruiting process. Some previous Career Reps have created a section resume book and/or set up interview practice groups within the section.
“With the economy being what it is, I think the career rep’s job becomes more important. One thing potential career reps should be aware of is that the job actually gets more demanding in the EC year, as the full-time job-hunt heats up. But it’s worth it to know that you’re helping people with something that’s very important to them.”
— Mike Stanton (OK)

Community Standards Representative:
Meet on a biweekly basis with other CS Reps to discuss issues related to the CS process. Interact with faculty and students in an effort to continue the development process of Community Standards. The CS Rep might participate in judging cases of violations of Community Standards.
“What’s not to like? Set the standards and others have to follow. Seriously, this is a really fulfilling position because I was able to save my sectionmates from countless violations and also represent the HBS student body on community-wide issues.”
— Jessica Gelman (OK)

Serve as a member of the International Students Committee. Represent the section in areas of concern to international students.
“I really enjoyed organizing events where we could all learn more about our sectionmates’ cultures—the international potluck dinners and country presentations were very popular. Once one of our sectionmates cooked Thai for all 83 of us.”
— Nikki Germany (OF)

Volunteer Coordinator:
Promote volunteering activities in the section in the first and second year. The Section Volunteering Coordinator will have two primary responsibilities:

o Represent and line up participants in HBS Volunteers activities.
o Coordinate at least one section volunteering activity as desired by the section.

Escort prospective students to class and answer their questions regarding student life at HBS. Coordinate hosting for various admissions functions.
“I really loved meeting new people and sharing my enthusiasm for the school with prospective students. It also gave me the opportunity to shape their opinion of the school and set their expectations properly, so that they really could decide whether HBS was the right place for them.”
— Salma (OK)

Athletic Representative:
Coordinate intramural athletic activities. Although there only one person can be “officially” elected, sections often choose to have one male and one female representative.

The historian collects pictures of their section, incorporating them in the Harbus and Annual Report yearbook. The historian is often responsible for maintaining communication among section members after graduation and serves as a liaison between the school and alumni.

“The documentarian is a mix between the holder of the memories and an artist in residence. If you have a creative bent, this is the ideal position.”
— Tony Deifell (OK)

Serve as the representative for the section to The Harbus News Corporation. Encourage sectionmates to provide content to the paper and make sure section developments are covered in a timely matter. Also, serve on the Harbus Board of Directors making financial decisions for
independant, profitable, high-revenue student business.

“The power of the press is a great thing! What other position lets you dictate exactly how to represent your section and sectionmates in the public eye? This is a great position for anyone with a creative/journalistic side, a propensity for publicity, and a sense of humor.”
— Pebbles Vadakan (OD)

Orientation Representative:
Help set the tone for the MBA experience by welcoming new students and their families to the HBS community.