NH-'Twas the Night of Holidazzle…

John Kelleher described Holidazzle best when he said, “Being with the section was like going to a big family reunion, and then joining the rest of the school was like going to a wedding where you don’t know who the couple is.” Despite the heat and crowded bar lines, Section H had an amazing time, doing cartwheels and carpet angels in the luxurious space of the Stanbro room, thanks to the due diligence of our beloved social chair, Patricia Pu, who rallied the troops everyday to sell the most tickets. And during the dinner, we had fantastic performances that exploited the creative songwriting, guitar playing, skit writing, and acting talents of our Holidazzle committee. Some of the highlights included: an amazing rendition of the Budweiser Whassup? commercial, performed by all five of our professors, a hilarious Little Engine That Could case study, group singing, some funny game shows, and performance by our own H’Sync and Spice Boys. And finally, our section president Catherine Rucker delivered the keynote address that captured the warm, fuzzy feeling of the entire section. It captured the mood, the holiday spirit, and the love and bonding within the section. Please note that this was for Holidazzle, and so some of the quotes or references may havebeen slightly exaggerated or completely fabricated:

‘Twas a few minutes before dinner, when all through the room
Section H felt true fear, a sense of real doom
Members sat in their seats feeling shivers and cold
Wondering what they all would soon watch unfold

The Holidazzle Committee was poised with grins on their faces
As if the night beforehand, they had read all their cases
When out in the lobby, there arose such a clatter
I sprang from the stage to see what was the matter
And what to all wondering eyes should emerge from the dark?
But the revered, honored, and esteemed Dean Kim Clark

He approached the stage, at a trot, not a walk
And clearing his throat, he began his great talk
“I am here to deliver great news, nothing mean
to say you are the best section we’ve ever seen.
With your experience, intelligence, and staggering good looks
When all of you become CEOs, you will definitely write books
About how section H created the foundation
For how you became a collective sensation

“First, of your experience, many companies we drew on
Maybe too many McKinsey and, my favorite, Enron
Second, your intelligence, your comments are first class
Which is why we gave you the best profs HBS has
Last but not least, perhaps, the most important trait
Your upbringing could not do what only God could create
An unparalleled beauty for other sections to admire
People come up to you and say, ‘Baby, put out my fire’
So we gave you the letter that no one else got
Let me tell you a secret, the H really stands for ‘Hot'”

With this Dean Clark finished his impassioned story
And left Section H to bask in its glory
He bowed to the group, having finished his work
Giving high fives to all, Dean Clark turned with a jerk
He strolled back to the lobby, quickly out of sight
Shouting “Happy Holidazzle to the Vaunted Section H, and to
all a Good Night.”