Section NG Continues Strong Tradition of Holidazzle Fun

Section NG proved last week that it was quite serious about continuing the weeklong pre-Holidazzle festivities that have come to define The G Experience here at HBS. There were many memorable events throughout the week in G, but I am convinced that some actions by my fellow Penguins will prove legendary. Who will ever forget the “I am Canadian” Speech delivered Thursday or the masterful baking skills of Christy Dowding? Aaron Bendikson’s skillful coordination of a presentation by Agent Tim Orange gave us all the opportunity to learn a little bit more about Clandestine Services. Still other members of G displayed their singing talents during the week. Few will forget the quiet, warm, confidence displayed by Riad Abrahams as he summoned up all the emotion and feeling he could muster to make us all feel a little better about the holidays with “The Christmas Song.”

Jeremy Schneider successfully pulled off a warm holiday tribute to the lovable Professor Bob Kaplan as he dressed from head to toe in Kaplan garb, donning a sign that simply read, “I love Activity Based Costing.” Throughout Kaplan’s Thursday FRC class, Schneider demonstrated his love for the professor by surrounding himself with copies of timeless Kaplan classics such as The Strategy Focused Organization and The Balanced Scorecard: Translating Strategy into Action.

The good sport of the week award goes to Marketing Professor Elie Ofek, who endured Friday afternoon Holidazzle Festivities in his class with good humor and holiday cheer. Ofek’s performance was nothing short of amazing as he encountered a class filled with everything from a seemingly endless soliloquy on Total Quality Management by Euvin Naidoo to my very own tribute to the great John Elway.

The fun did not stop in the classroom, as NG had an unforgettable evening of entertainment at the Holidazzle Banquet Dinner. Michael Bor presented his thoughts on Restrooms and Responsibility, while Brian Benjamin organized an impromptu Sit-In Demonstration in order to protest his seating assignment at the dinner. Laura Lee belted out some spine tingling notes and yours truly was literally laughed off the stage by an angry mob thirty seconds into what was to be the final act of the evening. No hard feelings though, I had simply waited for my big moment for over a half an hour standing in the hallway in a dress, a wig, and a dog collar. No problem fellow sectionmates…really. Just wait ’til next year, I say. It promises not to disappoint.