Get Your Grub at eat

253 Washington St.
Sommeriville, MA 02413

Food: Fantastic
D‚cor: Quaint, but a bit indecisive
Price: Moderate, but a great value
Service: Attentive

We arrived on the wettest Wednesday of the fall and walked into the warm, bustling bar area. Despite the rain and the mid-week status eat was bustling with customers. We were seated immediately in a corner table next to the wall where old framed photos of the owner and the staff were positioned next to houseplants giving us the feeling that we were dining in a friend’s home. The mis-matched cloth napkins, the picture windows and the myriad of lamp sconces contributed to the quaint atmosphere, but was slightly juxtaposed to the low lighting and ultra-hip wait staff.

The meal started with unrivaled appetizers. Geoff, as I knew he would, went for the mussels in a saffron garlic butter sauce. He proclaimed them, “Truly fabulous. The best mussels I’ve had in Boston.” All the while, I was savoring my warm green bean salad with fontina cheese and bacon vinaigrette – my favorite part of the entire meal.

On to the entrees. Geoff went for the duck with cranberries and wild rice. While a little too medium rare for me, he thought it was very good.

I had the wolffish (a light, white non-fishy fish) with lobster risotto. The fish was cooked to perfection with a spiced crust and the risotto had enough succulent lobster pieces to be its own meal. To wrap it all up, we went for two desserts: the pear tartlet, which was a bit bland and doughy, and the dark chocolate pecan tart, which was the right size and the perfect combination of roasted nut and sweet chocolate flavors.

Although the price would have been bit more than we would usually spend on our average weeknight, the quality for the dollar makes it an amazing value. And, even though a large party was seated next to us we could still hear each other talk making it an ideal date destination. All in all, we think eat is one of the best restaurants we have been to on this side of the Charles.