Spangler Food Court and Grille: Convenience, Variety and the Elusive Sideburn Man

On the surface, the Spangler Food Court and Grill may seem like just any other cafeteria. A closer look, however, reveals more depth and character than would seem possible in such a convenient spot. With two floors and a wide selection of dishes, this is the place to see and be seen when dining in the North Allston area.

As its name suggests, the Food Court offers everything from exquisitely roasted red peppers to fine yellow jell-o, daily. The upstairs portion serves up a variety of dishes and cuisines at its many efficient stations. A huge salad bar that would keep even the most discerning dieter occupied for hours rounds out the menu with raw goodness. Everyday offerings like sandwiches, soups and a stir-fry station keep the place (and its patrons) reliably regular while the rotating menu at the hot food and international stations pique the curiosity. Who knows what kind of sauce or side will accompany the chicken or fish when you arrive? Further adding to the intrigue is the enigma surrounding which of the 3 kinds of sauces will be available with the pasta.

If, inexplicably, you don’t find what you’re looking for on the ground floor, Spangler has a secondary location one floor below, which caters to latecomers and those with less discerning tastes. Here you’ll find an exceptionally friendly staff ready to serve you pizza, burgers and other greasy delights. Take your slippery plate to the dining room and catch up on the latest news on New England’s largest TV screen devoted entirely to C-SPAN. Thirsty? Why not belly up to the bar where the impeccably dressed staff will gladly pour you a glass of your favorite imbibe? The service is cheery and there’s rarely a wait at this watering hole. What’s more, they even take Crimson Cash!

When considering a place to eat lunch, the diner with discerning tastes has to take into account many considerations. In addition to food quality, the true connoisseur recognizes that a truly great restaurant succeeds on many levels. Consider atmosphere-if you’re uncomfortable, how can you enjoy your meal? Located in a spacious new building designed by one of the region’s top architectural firms, Spangler offers its wares in a tasteful and comfortable environment. The d‚cor is elegant yet understated; the simple lines of its stately fa‡ade meld delightfully into the complexity of the gigantic lighting fixtures and bold carpet designs. Noise level can get high, particularly when cell phones start ringing and diners congregate in hallways to talk of topics of the day. It isn’t uncommon to leave the dining room at a peak hour to find your path blocked by a group of stylish young professionals chatting away about something called Shad or some unfortunate fellow named Peterson. Besides the yuppie throngs, keep an eye out for local celebrity “Sideburn Man”, a regular who always has a kind word for fellow diners.

Providing a “cap” to your dining experience is the staff at Spangler. Diverse and eclectic, the crew here is always ready to cater to your needs and desires with a smile and a nod. Why it often seems like there are more people serving than there are eating! No wonder lines move so quickly! Despite the demand and heavy traffic, the people behind the platters are always able to keep things moving so you can enjoy your meal without trouble. Some patrons are even willing to test the level of service by leaving a mess on their tables when they leave. Oh, those jokers, always looking to challenge others with unnecessary tasks!

All in all, The Spangler eating areas are top-notch for the diner on the go. Here you’ll get variety and flavor for a great price. Even if I had more time to eat and relax, why would I go anywhere else? Thanks to a dedication to quality, a team effort to provide a quick, tasty meal, and money saving labor practices, the Spangler Food Court is the most convenient and delicious lunch around!