Old Frogs up to Same Tricks

The Frogs have seen plenty of action in the last couple weeks, proving that social life doesn’t need to slow down just because we’re not in class together everyday.

First, in case everyone was suffering withdrawal from Priscilla photos, Section F now brings you ours-fashionably late, of course.
Jos‚ Aguerrevere also threw the second annual Latin Party in his building’s penthouse party room in Kendall Square, where his wife Luc¡a Brower attends MIT Sloan. As one would expect, this fiesta started late and ended early, with the fog hovering over the Charles River below adding a hint of mystery to the night’s setting.

As usual, many Frogs have achieved great things. First, kudos to Jason Lockwood for conducting a stupendous interview with former General Electric CEO Jack Welch. Second, congrats to Arielle Loeb and Claire Broido for completing the Bay State Half Marathon in record time last weekend. And thanks to an Honorary Frog, Professor Frances Frei, for bringing everyone to her house in Rhode Island. More on this event will appear in next week’s Harbus.

Finally, congratulations go out to Drew Hykes and Amy Smith, who got engaged in Chicago while their sectionmates were dancing away at Priscilla. As it was Amy’s birthday, Drew arranged for her friends to get her all primed up to go out with them on Friday night, but then he surprised her by flying out and showing up at her apartment. Drew presented Amy with a birthday gift in a small box, and then suggested they go for a walk along Lake Michigan. It was on the lakeshore somewhere north of the city, with the skyline looming in the background, that Drew brought out the real birthday present, and proposed. After Amy heartily accepted, the couple celebrated their new status with a romantic dinner.