Israel – UN Relations

The current round of violence in the Middle East has caused much worldwide debate. Europe and the rest of the world have been in the Palestinian camp, while the U.S. has generally backed Israel while trying to maintain relations with the Arab nations it strives to ally with in its war on terrorism. At the… Continue reading Israel – UN Relations

Giving Up Mythologies: The Bridge to Peace

“The one thing that is unmistakable is that we are watching an escalatory cycle that has no endpoint. We’re as close to what it looked like before 1948 than we’ve been since that time.” So warned Amb. Dennis Ross in his opening remarks to a standing-room-only lunch audience in Spangler Auditorium last Monday. Amb. Ross,… Continue reading Giving Up Mythologies: The Bridge to Peace

A Time for War, and a Time for Peace

Over the past two weeks, a healthy debate emerged in the Harbus regarding one of the most sensitive and emotionally charged topics within the realm of international affairs: the Israeli-Palestine conflict. I was tempted to expound over pages and pages to address what I personally perceive as some of the myths that have been articulated… Continue reading A Time for War, and a Time for Peace

Sharon vs. Arafat:

Many student and alumni readers of The Harbus took offense at last week’s article, “Sharon vs. Arafat: An Alternative Approach to Peace in the Middle East.” At best, the article displays a partial and flawed understanding of Middle East history. At worst, it misleads readers into accepting lopsided logic. Among the troubling arguments are the… Continue reading Sharon vs. Arafat:

Noam Chomsky Discusses U.S. Relations with Israel

Four hundred people packed into Spangler Auditorium last week to hear the legendary left-wing intellectual, Noam Chomksy. Another 200 had to be turned away and there was a large number of protestors and supporters outside the hall. The HBS Business, Industry and Government Club hosted Professor Chomsky, who has been a professor of Linguistics at… Continue reading Noam Chomsky Discusses U.S. Relations with Israel