Responses to Sharon vs. Arafat Article

Dear Mr. Will, I am a second year student, originally from Tel Aviv, Israel. I am writing to condemn the article “Sharon vs Arafat” by John Shepherd published in the last Harbus, dated February 19, 2002. As the editor of the HBS newspaper, I expected from you discretion regarding your selection concerning the articles you… Continue reading Responses to Sharon vs. Arafat Article

2009 Israel Trek

If the 2009 Israel trek was characterized by anything, it was by a sense of duality. It was at once a spiritual trip regardless of religious affiliation, and at the same time a crazy, fun-filled, couch-dancing experience that left all of us exhausted by its end. Organized by five Israeli members of the Class of… Continue reading 2009 Israel Trek

Immersion Experience – 2009 HBS Israel IXP

Forty-two students converged in Israel on January 2, 2009 for the inaugural HBS Israel Immersion under the direction of Professor Dan Isenberg – uncertain of what to expect in the face of the ongoing Gaza operation. Perhaps because this conflict is decades-old, in this small country (approximately the size of New Jersey) day-to-day life continues… Continue reading Immersion Experience – 2009 HBS Israel IXP