Leonardo Is the Man

It’s been hard getting back into the groove of school. There are 37 members, partners and friends of the A-Team that have grown quite accustomed to following Leonardo Goncalves around blindly, after he had done such an excellent job corralling us across Brazil over Spring Break. It would be impossible to capture everything that happened… Continue reading Leonardo Is the Man

Blackmail Photos

The A-Team heads into the last full week of class before Spring Break with more fond memories of The Winter Olympics held at Peter Tynan’s house. This past week has also included: Pottery painting for the Ladies of A A dinner of desserts at Finale followed by drinks A near-gas explosion during EM  A… Continue reading Blackmail Photos

Can I Check Your Passport?

The helmet is fastened tightly around the athlete’s neck. The ice glistens. The crowd roars. After a brief moment of hesitation, the competitor assumes the position. Salt Lake City? I think not. We can’t skip class, remember? So instead, the A-Team had to take it upon ourselves and bring the Olympics to Allston by way… Continue reading Can I Check Your Passport?

A is for Austin

A visitor to Aldrich 107 on Tuesday, February 19th might have thought that the section had been taken over by cowboys. One by one, they each enlightened us during Strategy with “insider information” gleaned from the Dell company visit (even from those who actually did NOT visit Dell (Daniel). Except poor Patrick Flood, who did… Continue reading A is for Austin