Can I Check Your Passport?

The helmet is fastened tightly around the athlete’s neck. The ice glistens. The crowd roars. After a brief moment of hesitation, the competitor assumes the position.

Salt Lake City? I think not. We can’t skip class, remember? So instead, the A-Team had to take it upon ourselves and bring the Olympics to Allston by way of Peter Tynan’s house. The kitchen, complete with “ice luge” functionality, was transformed into a stadium of cheering fans. Everyone took their turn at the drink-dispenser-of-sorts, with lively intermittent chants of “Malkah! Malkah!” or “Go! Go! Go!” throughout the night.

The rest of the house held alcoholic treasures from various countries around the world–so many that you needed a ‘passport’ to keep track of your progress. I was told by several people that their favorite drink was “The Calculator” (a creation of Joe Davis–named for his pseudo-cold call experience in EM, perhaps?), but I think it is fair to say, judging from the level of energy and participation the following day in class, that ALL drinks were enjoyed in large quantities by everyone present.

Why were so many tempted by The Luge? It could have been because they were forced to watch the slaughter of innocent cows and pigs during the Negotiations movie. Later parts of this inspiring film featured a family being torn apart, a city being devastated, and some really bad hairdos (fear the mullet!), leading to the sinking feeling that we at HBS will one day represent The Man, as did the Hormel executives Yeah, that movie sure was uplifting. It could never drive anyone to drink.
Luckily there was cause for celebration later that weekend, as many attended the Bacchus Ball, and Daphne Choi hosted a viewing of the Canadian-U.S. Olympic Hockey game the next day at her apartment.
Another reason for happiness was the crazy warm weather after the Negotiations final. Excuse me, I thought we were on the East Coast? No complaints from Section A; we have the Ice Luge to cool us off.