Old Frogs up to Same Tricks

The Frogs have seen plenty of action in the last couple weeks, proving that social life doesn’t need to slow down just because we’re not in class together everyday. First, in case everyone was suffering withdrawal from Priscilla photos, Section F now brings you ours-fashionably late, of course. Jos‚ Aguerrevere also threw the second annual… Continue reading Old Frogs up to Same Tricks

Stowe Away Frogs

The long weekend saw the advent of the much-anticipated Section F ski trip, and 38 Frogs and partners moved the Frog Pond from Aldrich 208 to Stowe, Vermont. Terrible traffic and dodgy directions made the trip up an arduous one–just ask Craig Robinson, who headed towards Maine before coming back to Massachusetts and finally turning… Continue reading Stowe Away Frogs