Job Search in Asia

Given the recent economic downturn in the U.S., the global job market has plummeted to record lows in recent years. Asia, being one of the most popular geographical preferences among HBS grads, following closely behind the U.S. and Europe, is facing considerable challenges in holding up its headcount and salary packages. I will focus our… Continue reading Job Search in Asia

Case 5: Dating Cultural Gaps

As the author of this column and the “love rep” of my section, I engage in lots of conversations about love, dating, and relationships. (some people call the activity simply “gossiping.”) In one conversation with various international students, we discussed about different cultural norms and patterns in the practice of dating in different countries. A… Continue reading Case 5: Dating Cultural Gaps

The Chinese Century?

During the Asia Business Conference’s first plenary session, “Asia’s Future: Regional Integration or Regional Competition?” Robert Lees, Secretary General Emeritus of the Pacific Basin Economic Council, asked us to stand up, stretch, and exhorted us MBAs to go out and play a role in making the world a better place. He then declared, “China is… Continue reading The Chinese Century?

Summers in the Hot Seat

New Harvard University President Lawrence Summers got a quick introduction to the academic world’s tradition of vigorous debate last week, when the Clinton administration’s economic decisions over the last decade became fodder for an energetic panel discussion at the Kennedy School of Government.Summers, who officially took office as Harvard’s president this past weekend, played a… Continue reading Summers in the Hot Seat

Life in H

We’re back in the groove of Term 2 now, but everything just keeps changing. New classes, new professors, warm weather, the list just goes on. Perhaps most difficult change to accept (at least for the female members of the class) is the loss of Mark Mitchell, our FIN 1 prof. He arrived in our last… Continue reading Life in H

Top-7 Things You Will Realize You Stressed Out About Way Too Much

Class of 2005, I have a word for you. As you vigorously debate the merits of property rights in the development of English economic might, shake glitter off of your new line of “Fancy Schmancy” quality cards and revel in the newness of the Red Line, be advised: Things will change. Crimson Greetings will fade… Continue reading Top-7 Things You Will Realize You Stressed Out About Way Too Much

Hell Week Blues

Editor’s note: The Humor Section this week is more of a gossip column, comprised of desperate career-seekers’ woes. All of the following is an amalgamation of actual hell-week exchanges. The “humor” here comes from the fact that this stuff actually happened. Some disguising has been done, of course – not that it matters, these people… Continue reading Hell Week Blues

Minoru Makiharah, Former Chairman Mitsubishi Corporation, Recieves Alumni Achievement Award

There is more than one way to get an education at the Harvard Business School. Minoru Makiharah attended the Executive Education’s 75th Advanced Management Program and used his knowledge to turn around the Mitsubishi Corporation, which had stumbled during the Japanese recession. The company’s key problem? Previous management had focused too exclusively on Japan, missing… Continue reading Minoru Makiharah, Former Chairman Mitsubishi Corporation, Recieves Alumni Achievement Award

Bahamas and Australia Lead Real Medal Table

The Bahamas are the greatest sporting nation on earth, followed closely by Australia. That is the only conclusion that can be drawn from the 2004 Olympics, held in Athens from August 13th – 29th. ‘But the US topped the medal tally, with China and Russia next’ I hear some wail. So we need to take… Continue reading Bahamas and Australia Lead Real Medal Table

Five Lessons as a Japanese Entrepreneur:

On March 3rd 2004, the Asian Business Club (ABC) welcomed Yoshiro Hori, the founder and CEO of Globis Group to the HBS campus. Globis started in 1992 as the brainchild of Yoshito Hori, who, while attending HBS, conceived of building a conglomerate that he felt was required to reinvigorate an ailing Japanese corporate culture. The… Continue reading Five Lessons as a Japanese Entrepreneur:

News In Brief:

Student Shakes Head in Disagreement, Mouths Answer (Cumnock 450) When EC student Yusef Smith gave the incorrect market size for the Japanese toy industry in class last week, EC student Kip Wirth shook his head “no” and mouthed the correct answer, students in their class noted. “After Yusef said ‘I think its something like $6… Continue reading News In Brief:

On-Campus Interview Series:

Fact-File: Professor Paul A. GompersHeight: 5 feet 8 1/2 inchesWeight: 135 poundsEyes: BlueHair: BrownMarital Status: Married with three children Favorite Food: Sushi (Acquired a taste for this at the ’85 World University games in Kobe, Japan.)Favorite Drink: White wineFavorite Film: Chariots of Fire (Ed- how appropriate.)Favorite Band: R.E.MNickname: GompsHow Acquired Nickname: Had it for ever.… Continue reading On-Campus Interview Series:

Japan, Six Months Later

Six months have passed since the earthquake struck the eastern seaboard of Japan. As the immediate effects of the quake subsided in Northeastern Japan, the aftereffects of the radiation from the Fukushima Number One Nuclear Reactor settled in. During the immediate days and weeks following the quake, people’s sympathies focused heavily on the tsunami victims.… Continue reading Japan, Six Months Later

Japan, Going Forward

One month has passed since the devastation that struck Japan. Although many issues still remain, Japan has regained its foothold and is now on the road to recovery. We thank the HBS community for your words of encouragement, generous donations, and sincere compassion for our nation faced with the greatest disaster since the Pacific War.… Continue reading Japan, Going Forward

Japan, Week One

The 9.0 Greater East-Japan Earthquake shook the entire country. As Japan recovered that evening, many held their breaths as they watched another aspect of the disaster unfold in the Northeast: the tsunami. As a country constantly subjected to major earthquakes, Japan’s advanced building technology protected it from devastation from the shaking; the concrete jungles swayed… Continue reading Japan, Week One

Japan, Day One

A devastating 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck off the Northeastern coast of Japan on Friday, March 11th at approximately 2:26pm, causing tsunami as high as 40 feet, completely destroying the nearby coastal cities. Everyone had a different experience as the earth shook under its cataclysmic power. Some found themselves trapped in public transportation for hours, waiting… Continue reading Japan, Day One

Insider’s Perspective – Japan

Konnichiwa (greetings from Japan)! Japan- “Land of the Rising Sun” is a country where the past (ancient temples and shrines) meets the future (advanced technology and modern cities).ÿYou may be using words like “kaizen” and “keiretsu” in your discussions. But following are some things you don’t usually hear about Japan (or read even in the… Continue reading Insider’s Perspective – Japan

Around the World to Find the Girl Next Door

RCs Tomo and Taka share their romantic tale. It’s springtime and love is in the air. As the Harbus offers blind date opportunities and wedding dresses fill the windows of downtown Boston shops, we thought it would be appropriate to feature a truly engaging HBS love story. Cupid’s arrow hit Tomo Ishizumi, a former CEO… Continue reading Around the World to Find the Girl Next Door

2008 – Retrospectives – The HBS Image

As 2008 comes to a close, it seems like an appropriate time to reflect on some of the controversy the Harbus has chronicled in the first half of this academic year. From the Japan trek fiasco to Ahead of the Curve, these pages have brought some less-than-palatable topics to light over the past several months.… Continue reading 2008 – Retrospectives – The HBS Image

Creating the “Born Global” Company

In a panel on Entrepreneurship in a Global Setting moderated by TEM Professor Toby Stuart, three panelists discussed the types of businesses that are best suited to be born into a global economy. The panelists were: Donna Dubinksy (MBA ’91) – Founder and CEO of Numenta, Inc. and former CEO of Palm Inc.; Hiroshi Mikitani… Continue reading Creating the “Born Global” Company

Faces of Analytics

August 2008 “You will work hard.” This statement keynoted the welcome address for 220 members of the incoming Class of 2010 reporting early for “Analytics.” Analytics is a two-week program in August that provides students with non-traditional backgrounds familiarity with Accounting, Finance and Quantitative Methods before the school year begins in earnest. Who comes to… Continue reading Faces of Analytics

HBS Treks Exploring the Exotic

HBS Treks are an integral part of the HBS Experience. There are many different types of treks. Both organizers and participants feel that the trek experience provides much value to their lives. Whether it is traversing the high altitude peaks of Kilimanjaro and Machu Pichu, exploring the uninhabitable corners of Tierra del Fuego or Iceland,… Continue reading HBS Treks Exploring the Exotic

HBS Insider : Financial Markets and Investments

So What Does the (Financial) World Look Like in 2006 So Far? The economic data seems to point to a global slowdown. Although the effects are unevenly distributed among the majors, clearly a soft patch is upon us. Pick GDP, for example, which took a dive and fell unexpectedly to a disappointing 1.1 percent in… Continue reading HBS Insider : Financial Markets and Investments

Creating a Business School and Venture Capital Firm in Japan

Mr. Yoshito Hori (HBS’91), chairman & CEO of Japan-based Globis group, was on-campus with students Thursday, January 21 to share his perspective on entrepreneurship, success and progress of his Globis enterprise. Prior to Globis, Mr. Hori worked for Sumitomo Corporation where he was in charge of new business development and foreign trade of production-plant facilities.… Continue reading Creating a Business School and Venture Capital Firm in Japan

HBS Insider: Financial Markets and Investments

For some people, Christmas comes in November. This was the case for market participants, who benefited from the anticipated “Santa-Claus Rally.” As mentioned in the October column, 2005 has been a tough year, save for a few event-driven funds (managers who invest based on corporate events such as mergers, spin-offs and restructurings) and global macro… Continue reading HBS Insider: Financial Markets and Investments

HBS Insider: Financial Markets and Investments

While HBS may be known as a General Management-focused school, many of us have a strong interest in the behavior of financial markets. Whether implicitly (through a 401k) or explicitly (being interested in a career in asset management), we are all tied to the performance of publicly traded securities. Even the rates we pay on… Continue reading HBS Insider: Financial Markets and Investments

Experience and indication to improve globalisation

On my last visit to Japan, I had formidable experience. Let me narrate whole story started from Ahmedabad, India. I explored all possible leading money changers, but could not get converted Rupees into Yen. I tried at last on Ahmedabad International Air Port before I board on plane, went in vein, the officials assured I… Continue reading Experience and indication to improve globalisation