Spring 2002 Policy Roundtable Series:

On Tuesday, the 28th of February, Harvard Health Caucus (Harvard Medical School) held a panel discussion entitled the “Crisis of Neglected Diseases: Creating R&D Incentives for Diseases of Developing Countries.” The panel featured Lincoln Chen, Director of Global Equity Initiative at Harvard University, Linda Distlerath, VP of Global Health policy at Merck & Co., Onesmo… Continue reading Spring 2002 Policy Roundtable Series:

American Red Cross Dogged by Allegations of Discrimination

The American Red Cross faces continued allegations of discrimination against gay men and Africans for its guidelines that prevent certain people from donating blood through the organization’s blood drives, such as the one being hosted on the Harvard Business School campus.The Red Cross blood donation eligibility guidelines are designed to protect the safety of the… Continue reading American Red Cross Dogged by Allegations of Discrimination

Outward Bound

I want to donate blood. The blood drive is on Wednesday, and I want to do my part. My veins are healthy; my A-positive is good stuff. I’m not afraid of needles, and I haven’t lived on a farm in Europe in the last three years. People in my section ask me if I want… Continue reading Outward Bound

Fighting AIDS in Africa A viewpoint

Late last week 39 major drug companies, including such powerhouses as Merck, GlaxoSmithKline and Bristol-Myers Squibb, bowed to immense international pressure and withdrew a lawsuit they had filed against the South African government. The suit sought to block a law allowing generic drug companies to produce and market patented drugs under certain conditions. While any… Continue reading Fighting AIDS in Africa A viewpoint

Summer Stories-Esther Hsu, Swaziland

“But what is a gooseberry?” A few short weeks earlier I had resorted to old faithful Wikipedia and Google Images before embarking on a mission to build a viable business plan around these little orange berries. Now, our pilot group of rural Swazi farmers, having already committed their precious land to the berries, pondered the… Continue reading Summer Stories-Esther Hsu, Swaziland