You Are What You Drive

I can see it now – commuter cars on campus littered with flyers printed on recycled, cruelty-free, soy-ink, union-made paper. The HBS Democrats have a reason to be a little concerned, for it appears as though Kerry’s appeal is weak among certain auto owners. Anyone with a web address can conjure together a presidential candidate… Continue reading You Are What You Drive

The Choice for a New Generation?

Last week’s curious intersection of the first presidential debate and the Mountain Dew case (RC-MKT) got me thinking. More specifically, is there a similarity between the obscene amount of Kerry/Bush ad spending and the Pepsi/Coke market share catfight? Through the debates, both candidates are attempting to differentiate themselves despite the near-indecipherability of many of their… Continue reading The Choice for a New Generation?

Musings From Columbus

I stepped off a cramped regional jet onto the tarmac – it seemed like the hundredth such time – and quickly transformed into my Ohio persona. Ah, Columbus. Jokingly known in my family as Cowtown, the city again greeted Buckeye football season with a euphoria indescribable to those indifferent to Big Ten football. Don’t get… Continue reading Musings From Columbus