They Said What?

This issue, we have just a few quotes from HBS that were collected right near the end of the fall term. Thanks this week go to Nadia Boulos (OD) and others for the quotes they provided. As the second term gets into full swing, and people recall their holiday adventures, we continue to encourage submissions… Continue reading They Said What?

Packing for Europe

Packing is a topic that receives more attention that it deserves. Many travelers agonize over which baggage to buy, what clothes to pack, and whether to fold trousers over jackets or vice versa. Yet the only really important thing to remember is Imboden’s First Law of Packing: “Don’t take more than you can carry, or… Continue reading Packing for Europe

Something Rotten in Denmark

A disturbing battle has been taking place within the RC sections, one that threatens the freedom of self-expression and ultimately the very existence of the free world. Now I am blowing the lid off this hidden conflict. The Bathroom Privileges War has erupted and is consuming many rooms with the fires and accusations of contempt,… Continue reading Something Rotten in Denmark

Where in the World did you Spend your Summer–Shahar Ziv (OE)

What: Better Place Where: CA What did you do this summer?I had the privilege of working at Better Place, a truly innovative start up aimed at catalyzing the mass-market for electric vehicles and relieving the world’s dependence on oil. By deploying switchable battery-powered electric cars and creating the necessary infrastructure to make these cars financially… Continue reading Where in the World did you Spend your Summer–Shahar Ziv (OE)