They Said What?

This issue, we have just a few quotes from HBS that were collected right near the end of the fall term. Thanks this week go to Nadia Boulos (OD) and others for the quotes they provided. As the second term gets into full swing, and people recall their holiday adventures, we continue to encourage submissions from anyone and everyone by email to

-Professor Greg Miller (Accounting): “So in 1994, these two companies merge, and they decide to go to Denmark, which is neutral territory, because Norway and Finland are known for their aggressive stances.”

-Professor Richard Tedlow (BGIE) in “The Coming of Managerial Capitalism”:
“An MBA degree is your ticket to a very high tax bracket!”
“You have to quote yourself whenever you have the opportunity…nobody else does.”
“It’s Friday for me too.”
“I have a quote from Lenin – a.k.a. Commie-in-Chief…”
“That’s why I put the overhead on the overhead machine…where else would I put it?”
On being opportunistic: “If you can find an underserved market, then you can get rich…and you can give us a building…and that’s the whole point!”

-Patricia Halfen (OG), introducing her final project presentation in Managing Service Operations with Miguel Pita (OD): “Because we’re both ex-consultants, we thought we’d keep it at a high level and not really say anything.”

-Professor Jan Hammond(TOM) “Was that a hand, or just your bagel eating is getting more expressive?”

-Julian Swearengin (NI): “Every day your line is operating, you want it to be running as much as possible or else you’re just pissing in the wind.”
-Prof. Richard Bohmer (TOM): “That is a technical term.”

-Justin Gatlin (NI), discussing the finances of Eskimo Pie, the ice cream company: “It all makes sense because if you leave Eskimo Pie out long enough, eventually it all liquidates anyway.” [For which he earned a loud “hardee har har” from the class.]