HBS Ski Team Heads to Hanover

On Tuesday, February 11, HBS students took to the slopes of Ski Ward to try out for the HBS ski team. In the end, 12 racers were selected: Will Azeff (OK), Carlos Mier-Y-Teran (OJ), Dave Robinson (NJ), Peter Velikin (OD), Nicola Longfield (OE), Morgan McKenney (OC), Jay Yook (NB), Mikkel Bulow-Lehnsby (OC), Jim Verbeeteen (NB),… Continue reading HBS Ski Team Heads to Hanover

Treacherous Turn Topples HBS Ski Team

At the end of February, the HBS Ski Team traveled to Hanover, NH to compete against more than fifteen other business schools at Tuck’s annual Winter Carnival. After placing second at the 2003 Carnival, the HBS Team arrived with high expectations. Clearly, Tuck was the team to beat. Not only did Tuck have the home-course… Continue reading Treacherous Turn Topples HBS Ski Team

Tuck Winter Carnival

Members of the HBS Ski and Snowboard Club competed against 13 other business schools at the 20th Annual Tuck Winter Carnival last weekend. Nearly 200 ski racers competed at the Dartmouth Skiway, followed by a less athletic, but equally intense, inter b-school boat-racing competition held later that evening. For more on the Tuck Winter Carnival,… Continue reading Tuck Winter Carnival